21% happier with the use of technology in the workplace

11/03/15 - 14:18


The use of technology in the workplace is becoming much more common due to it’s time saving benefits.


Software company webexpenses recently revealed the results of one of their latest surveys.

The report showed that employees who use mobile apps at work are 21% more likely to be happier in their jobs compared with those who don’t.

Their report revealed that the advantages of time-saving apps could have huge benefits for the working world.


22% of those surveyed said that it was difficult for them to keep on top of their work load and 49% of all employees said that there wasn’t enough time in their day to get everything done.


Michael Richards, the Chairman of webexpenses, commented: "The findings from our research reveal an interesting disparity when it comes to how individuals utilise mobile apps across both their personal and professional lives. 38% of the mobile app users who responded to our survey said that using apps enhances their personal life and almost half (49%) say apps save them time; yet millions of people still aren’t reaping the benefits of using apps in the workplace.

“I’d encourage everyone – employers and employees – to consider how they can make sure they don’t get left behind in the mobile app revolution. Whether it’s for keeping in touch with clients or managing expenses, mobile apps save people valuable time and hassle and that means they can focus their resource on more productive and less frustrating tasks.”


The research also exposed what the nation’s favourite apps are, with task management apps voted number one (44%), travel apps voted number two (33%), and networking apps such as LinkedIn voted third (26%).


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