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50% of IT professionals intend to move jobs in 2015. Startups the main attraction.

20/01/15 - 16:08

The latest Mortiner Spinks / Computer Weekly survey of 3,408 IT professionals has shown that half of the industry is looking to move jobs in 2015. Last year this figure was 45%, yet 48% actually moved, so the reality could be that more than half of the UK's IT workers could move this year.


Interestingly, 55% said they would be leaving to join a startup. Good news for startups or those considering their own digital venture!


31% of the respondents said they were let down from by their existing company with 72% saying they would need to find a new opportunity outside their current employment in order to progress their career. 27% said they are actively looking for a new position right now.


If you are reading this as an employer, it is worth noting that the top three reasons that IT professionals chose to stay with their existing employer are:

i) Being surrounded by good people

ii) Interesting and challenging projects

iii) Open, honest and regular internal communication within the IT department.

Since the annual survey started four years ago, salary has never figured in the top three reasons why someone would stay in their job.