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90% of people underestimate reliability of wind turbines!!

05/03/15 - 17:29


Do you know the true cost of wind power and how reliable it can be as an energy source?


RenewableUK, the UK's leading, not for profit renewable energy trade association have recently criticised the negative misconceptions the public have on the cost of wind power.


It’s emerged that on average people assume that the costs to run a wind power plant are almost 14 times the real amount.


Research carried out by OnePoll revealed that the average estimate was around £259 from a typical £1300 annual domestic dual-fuel energy bill when the figure is in fact as little as £18 per household a year.


RenewableUK chief executive Maria McCaffery said: “These independent polls show there are considerable misconceptions about the cost of supporting wind energy.

“It’s much lower than people think, at just 35p a week per household. It’s also revealing to see that wind has almost double the amount of public support than was estimated.

“This suggests that the loud voices of a small minority, too often perpetuated by negative rhetoric in some parts of the media, are trying to distort the facts.”


The survey also exposed that around 90% of people underestimate the reliability of wind turbines. People are unaware that they actually generate electricity between 70% - 85% of the time.


75% of those surveyed also misjudged how much wind is required in order to keep a wind turbine spinning. On average most thought that it takes at least 14mph. However in reality it takes just a light breeze of 7mph!


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