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Brits move jobs for less £ than most others

02/06/14 - 15:45



A new survey of 18,000 workers by global advisory firm CEB shows that we Brits move jobs for far less extra money than many other countries. Here are a selected few results:


Indonesia - 20.6% pay rise required to change jobs

Brazil - 20.1%

South Africa - 17.1%

China - 12%

France - 8.6%

Nordics - 6.7%

Spain - 5.9%

UK - 5.3%!


I'm not sure exactly what the message is to employers?:

  • Watch out, your staff won't need much financial persuasion to move jobs so look after them


  • Don't worry if your staff leave, you'll be able to "buy" their replacements pretty cheaply anyway


It's not all bad news - we're not last! Workers in Italy (4.5%), Germany (3.9%) and Belgium & Netherlands (2.8%) moved for even lower pay rises. Is it a sign of a more healthy, mature economy maybe?