Demand for Professional Talent in the UK up 41% year-on-year

26/01/15 - 14:35

The latest survey from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) shows that recruitment companies operating within the professional sectors had 41% more permanent vacancies in November than they did in November 2013.


Demand in the IT sector was very much alive and well, with a 25% increase in vacancies year-on-year.


The natural down-side to this news is that the huge increase in demand is not being matched by an increase in quality talent. APSCo suggest that business isn't keeping up with widening gap between the demand and supply of quality professional staff in the UK,

"While our data once again points to increased confidence amongst employers, it is crystal clear that some organisations are simply failing to offer attractive enough remuneration packages to secure highly skilled marketing talent. With an already present skills shortage in the digital arena which is set to exacerbate in the coming years, businesses risk stalling their own growth if they don’t reassess their attraction packages urgently"

Anne Swain, Chief Executive of APSCo.

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