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Demand for staff in Scotland boosted by IT and computing sector

10/03/15 - 11:47


The Bank of Scotland’s report on Jobs for February 2015 has some great findings for both contractors and permanent staff in Scotland.


Here are some of the key findings from the report:


Permanent placements increased amid strong demand for staff

After slightly decreasing in January, the increase of permanent placements in Scotland jumped again in February to the fastest pace since last October. The growth was also roughly in line with the average recorded across the UK as a whole.


Demand for staff continued to rise

The data from February’s survey suggested that growth in permanent placements was supported by strong demand for staff. Permanent job vacancies rose to the highest extent for four months in February. Although remaining strong, the increase in demand for temporary staff eased to the least since March 2013.

The sharpest increase in demand for staff was in the IT & Computing sector.


The rate of salary inflation eased slightly in comparison to previous months

The continued growth in demand for staff placed upward pressure on staff pay.

However, the rate of inflation of permanent salaries eased to the slowest since November 2013.


For more information on the report please click on the below link: