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Employee satisfaction stems from renewable energy

17/09/18 - 16:30

According to the Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) around half (43 per-cent) of renewables professionals are more content with their jobs compared to a few years ago.

Digitalisation is the key to happy employees, but why? It plays a significant role in the renewables Industry, due to the growing success in working lives, it is absorbing the most talented candidates. However, companies are advised to address potential drawbacks.

A study showed 40 per cent of employees were satisfied with the opportunity to work with front line technology. A further 36 per-cent explained the adaptable and remote working is a bonus. These key components are the reason for the Industry being so enthusiastic about its continuous benefits.

However, there are some worries such as scepticism and fear arousing with digitalisation. There are concerns that it could be decreasing the significance of Human intelligence, but technology is intensifying rather than replacing it. Allowing flexible and remote working sends positivity for industries which encourages a work-life balance and support for colleagues.

Looking into cutting-edge technology will help endorse potential with the newest innovations. For firms still on the starting line, this generation is the time to succeed.

- see more: https://www.energyjobline.com/article/the-secret-to-employee-happiness-is-renewable-energy/?s=1

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