Encouraging trends in UK IT jobs market

23/07/13 - 09:54

As green shoots of economic recovery begin to appear (driven no doubt by the scorching weather!) it seems that the IT jobs market is also showing really positive signs.


Not only have recent studies shown that the size of the Digital Economy in the UK is much larger than previously thought, but salaries and hiring intentions are on the rise.


According to a report by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) – companies in the Digital sector now number over 270,000 (40% larger than previously thought) and revenues from these organisations are growing more than 25% faster than their “non-digital” counterparts”


And in the jobs market is also showing some really strong signs:

** Over half of IT staff received a pay rise in 2012 (with 18% getting a rise of over 10%)

** Over a third of IT staff received a bonus in 2012

** Over three quarters (77%) of technical staff are expecting to change jobs

** 36% are looking to move in the next three months, and 69% in the next year




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