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Face-to-face interviews don't need to be face-to-face

05/09/14 - 12:52

A recent study of 1,000 UK businesses by Foosle has found that businesses are wasting time, money and missing out on candidates by insisting on carrying out face-to-face interviews. More than half (55%) have never tried any sort of video conferencing despite considering themselves to be "tech-savvy".


With 50-75% of applicants being rejected after the first interview stage, this translates into a huge waste of resources for both parties.


Commenting on the results, Foosle's MD Alistair Rennie said,

"Many businesses see video interviewing as a future technology but in actual fact, it’s here now and can bring real, tangible benefits to the recruitment process whether your businesses is large or small.

"Not only is it a brilliant way to evaluate a group of candidates efficiently, it allows you to see the real person behind their CV to assess things like personality, verbal communication skills and professionalism, without incurring the expense or time waste of inviting unsuitable candidates to a face-to-face interview.”


We hope the Digital / IT sector is far more advanced than the "norm"!