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Glasgow has a new technology hub

18/02/15 - 17:04



What is a tech hub?

A tech hub is a place or space created specifically for tech entrepreneurs to meet, work, learn and collaborate together. They’re also often used as a place to hold tech events and advice sessions. They usually provide physical and virtual spaces that can allow technology start-ups to develop faster and increase their chance of success.


Why are tech hubs important?

Flexible workspace and access to a tech community with unlimited advice is a vital resource for a new tech start-up company.

People can simply drop in when they need to or they can set up their business in the hub using one of the available stations.


A new hub in Glasgow

Most of the Scottish tech hubs are located in Edinburgh. TechCube and Edinburgh Hacklab are the most popular. Glasgow however was distinctly lacking in a Tech Hub, until now…

A new tech hub will soon be opened by some technology leaders in Glasgow. Located in a renovated shipyard the hub will be a quirky and innovative place for people to meet. Regular events and meetings will be held here as well as some tech companies setting up at some of the stations.


For more information on the hub please click on the link below: