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Google's 11 point guide to interviewing

21/11/14 - 13:01


We love a "top 10" don't we? Well, Google has (not surprisingly) gone one better, and provided us with their 11 step guide to interviewing. We recently blogged with some really handy tips on how a job applicant should prepare for an interview, so it's the interviewers turn this time...


1. Do your homework on the candidate before the interview

2. Find the limit of the candidate's capabilities

3. Get the candidate to talk about what they learned

4. Use scenario questions

5. Use some brainteasers

6. Develop a trusted interview program

7. Schedule interviews for 30 minutes

8. Don't interview the same candidate more than 5 times

9. Measure a candidate on:

Leadership, Role-related knowledge, General cognitive ability and Googleyness

10. Hire by committee

11. Quality must be primary


For more detail on each of these points (including what "Googleyness" means) check out: http://www.inc.com/250-words/google-s-11-step-guide-to-interviewing.html