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How far are people willing to drive to work?

29/10/14 - 12:20

Despite the booming jobs market, and unemployment sitting at the lowest level for many years, it appears that many of us are still willing to do a fairly decent commute to work. According to new research of over 6,000 UK workers by TotalJobs, 31% of us are willing to commute more than 20 miles for work. They also found that one in ten job seekers would be willing to commute 50 miles.


Interestingly, the opposite is also true with 23% reporting that they now work from home, with half of those saying it was part of their job. Of these home workers, 35% say that time and cost savings are the primary reason why they work from home, with 36% saying they enjoy the flexibility of work that home working allows.


So, if you're looking for work, make sure you tell your prospective employer you're happy to commute 20 miles and happy to commute 0 miles!