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How to fix the IT skills shortage

11/09/14 - 12:56

The major shortage of skilled IT workers has been widely reported during 2014, including on these pages! According to the latest Innovation Economy Report, 94% of the UK fastest growing companies are finding it challenging to find good staff.


To address this problem, Simon McCalla from Computer Weekly have written a very interesting and informative article about what the industry can do to help.

To summarise, he makes three key suggestions:


1) Recruit from the entire talent pool.

Women currently make up less than a fifth of the IT workforce in the UK. Yet, according to Nominet's research with the Centre for Economic and Business Research, 58% of IT decision makers say that productivity levels are negatively affected by the gender imbalance.

2) Expand the talent pool.

There are not enough people with the right digital skills available. IT graduates aren't going into IT jobs and Simon suggests that there needs to be more inspirational role models in the sector.

3) Encourage alternative routes to IT careers

Simon suggests that apprenticeships are the key to ensuring we can encourage many more people to the industry.


With the internet economy now worth 10% of the UK GDP, having the right IT staff is now a necessity for UK business to grow. We hope this Computer Weekly article will help key decision makers push our digital economy forward.

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