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More good news about Scottish employment market booming

19/06/14 - 12:12

Further to our article yesterday from the Bank of Scotland Report on Jobs showing very healthy employment statistics, another report showing very similar information has just been published.


It is the BDO Employment Index this time. Unlike the BoS survey which reports on actual trends, the BDO report shows hiring intentions for the impending quarter. The hiring intention "score" has gone from 105.6 (already very high) to 107.7, just behind the 22-year record of 108.9 set in February 2007.


Martin Gill, partner and head of BDO in Scotland, said: “Businesses are translating their confidence in economic recovery into action, demonstrated by the sustained increase in hiring expectations.

“But a gap between supply and demand for skilled workers is developing, which could take the momentum out of the recovery."


This seems to be the consistent message coming from all the latest market reports over the last few months.


Read more direct from BDO here: