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More than half of candidates don't do research before a job interview - beat the competition!

28/10/14 - 12:52


Really want that job?

Want to stand out against the other unknown applicants?


Well a good starting point is just to do some basic research. A recent study by Glassdoor showed some fairly startling facts about how little research many job applicants make before attending an interview:


* People spend six times longer researching a holiday than they do a prospective employer [which bearing in mind you only spend a few weeks on holiday and about 48 weeks at work seems crazy!]

* 55% don't look at the employer's website before attending an interview

* 78% didn't check to see if the company has made a profit

* 80% didn't check out reviews of the company by others online

* 35% said they didn't research a new company before accepting a job offer

* With this in mind, it's hardly surprising that 22% said they didn't have enough information about a new company to decide whether to accept a job or not.


It's easy - do some research and stand out from the crowd! If you want some help on how to do this, get in touch with us.