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New scheme to create 90 new Scottish technology firms

20/06/14 - 13:50


A new three year scheme has been announced by Edinburgh Research and Innovation and backed by the Scottish Funding Council. http://www.research-innovation.ed.ac.uk/News/LatestNews/Newenterpriseini...


The aim of the initiative is to create around 90 new technology start-ups from Scottish Universities, with a particular focus on Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Strathclyde.


We think this is a wonderful scheme and support it entirely. But without trying to "rain on the parade", we do have concerns about how these exciting new high-growth businesses will be staffed. We hope that the Government start to focus as much upon technology education as they do on job and business creation. It's great that we plan to foster more technology hubs, but with the technology skills shortage worsening we hope that there will be enough talent available for these new businesses to operate successfully.