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Offshore wind around the world

Written by James McNair
08/01/20 - 09:55

Over the next decade, there will be a huge expansion of offshore wind around the world with some estimates envisaging a 17% annual growth from 22GW to 154GW in total installed capacity by 2030. The domestic opportunities are significant too. Building up to 30GW of offshore wind by 2030 could account for over £40 billion of infrastructure spending in the next decade.

In partnership with the government, offshore wind has grown into a maturing sector, supporting around 7,2007 jobs in communities around the country. The challenge the sector now faces is a positive one.

The sector will require a new influx of highly skilled workers by 2030, covering a broad range of disciplines and in communities right across the country.

The sector estimates that offshore wind could support 27,000 jobs across the UK by 2030, covering all aspects of a wind farm; project management, construction and operations and maintenance. With the industry committed to sourcing 60% total lifetime UK content and increasing UK content in the capital expenditure phase, there will also be a need for highly skilled workers in manufacturing areas throughout the supply chain.

To deliver change of this scale will require cooperation and coordination between industry, government and educational institutions, specifically at a regional level as those communities benefitting from this expansion will have the knowledge and resources to deliver the new young, skilled recruits of the future, capable of exporting these skills and experience to global markets.

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