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Project Maximus in Northern Sweden embarks on 1.1 GW second phase - continuing its journey to become Europes largest onshore wind farm

Written by Sigrid Carstairs
17/04/19 - 12:50

Sweden is currently the hottest onshore wind market in Europe (rechargenews.com), and the region is attracting foreign investments like never before. In 2018, €3.7 billion was invested in onshore wind farm developments. €3.7 billion - that is a mind blowing figure for a country of just above 10 million residents, and to put it into even more tangible context, that is more than France, Spain and Denmark combined (windeurope). It's safe to say that favourable winds are blowing in Sweden (pun clearly intended), and it's not looking like it's about to slow down any time soon.

The real interesting aspect of the Swedish wind farm development is not only the amount of funds being invested in the country, but also the scale, and the wind farms that are currently being planned and constructed in Sweden are unprecedented in Europe. Never before have there been such large onshore wind farms in any European country. As pictured to the left here is Markbygden, recently renamed Maximus, the 4 GW (say what) wind farm outside of Piteå in Northern Sweden, developed by Svevind. The second phase of 1.1 GW is currently being built by Enercon (so if you want to be involved in that project, feel free to give me a call).

The project, which has been developed by Svevind for 20 years (!) is finally well on it's way, and in the past few weeks interest has been high, even in international media. Below you can take a look at a link that was on SVT a few weeks ago (the Swedish national network, so if you don't speak Swedish it might not be that fun). If anything it's pretty cool to see the size of the wind farm under construction.

If you want to work at the Maximus project, I have the following roles available that I am recruiting for:

  • Site Manager Balance of Plant (Electrical) - 6 month contract with potential for extention
  • Construction Manager (Civils) - Permanent role based in Piteå
  • Authorised Installation Manager for HV Electrical Works (A-behörig enl. Svenska regelverket) - Permanent role based in Piteå or Malmö
  • HV Project Engineer - Based in Malmö but with substantial travel across Sweden during project peak times. Permanent role. 

As this project is continuously growing, there will be more roles coming up here, so feel free to get in touch if you are keen on working at Europes largest onshore wind farm. 

If you feel that Piteå is too far north for you, there are also several jobs on the go in the area of Sundsvall, where Europes 4th largest onshore wind farm is currently breaking ground. The project I am referring to is the 475MW Nysäter Wind Farm north of Sundsvall. The project is to consist of 114 turbines and associated infrastructure works.

So, if you are keen on working on this project, I have the following contracts I am recruiting for at the moment. All are 24 months depending on start date, and start is as soon as possible:

  • 1 HSE Manager (with BAS-P/U & Hotworks cert)
  • 2 (potentially 3) Project Engineers with Wind Farm Experience in Civils Work
  • 1 Surveyor (knowledge in AutoCAD and GPS reporting)
  • 1 Site Manager Civils (turnkey solutions, groundworks and roadconstruction)
  • 2 roles for graduate engineers in mechanics, electrics or vicils who want to kickstart their career in wind energy.

*Please note that for all he above contracts, Swedish language skills are mandatory.

If you want to hear more, and join on any of the above projects, please contact me on +46 40 668 80 66 and send your CV to sigrid.carstairs@cathcartenergy.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


Sigrid Carstairs

Recruitment Consultant

Cathcart Associated Energy Ltd