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Promising predictions of growth for Scottish technology firms

09/02/15 - 16:10

Scottish technology firms are predicting growth of 14% on average in 2015, according to survey findings published by Barclays Bank.


The survey findings

Out of the 20 Scottish firms that were included in the survey, 11 said that they expect their business to grow by up to 10% this year.

4 Scottish firms even said they expect to grow by between 10%-20%, and 3 said they expect to grow by more than 20%!


Higher growth in the future too

The Scottish organisations were even more optimistic for 2016, with 3 of the firms that were surveyed predicting growth to exceed 20%.

Ally Scott, the managing director of Barclays corporate banking in Scotland, said:

“The fact that many firms are expecting further growth in 2016 shows that this trend isn’t transient and Scotland is a real launch pad for innovative tech businesses.”


The challenges

The tech companies involved in the survey were asked to consider the challenges that will be likely to face their organisation in 2015. 7 said increased competition was their most pressing issue. However, 6 said that attracting and retaining talent was the most problematic.


Click on this link for more information on the survey.