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REC release latest jobs stats - 81% of employers looking to hire (and more!)

23/05/14 - 11:36

The latest REC report on jobs states that employer confidence has reached a new high. Key stats / highlights from the report:

  • 81% of employers surveyed intend to hire more permanent staff in the short or medium term
  • 50% intend to increase the numbers of agency workers (contractors) in the first half of this year - they better hurry up!
  • Nearly two thirds of respondents say that the increased use of agency workers has allowed the UK to have comparatively lower levels of unemployment against their European counterparts
  • 76% of employers state the total number of permanent staff in their organisation will increase in the next three months. 81% think it will increase in the four to twelve month period
  • Only 4% of respondents plan to reduce the number of temporary agency workers within the fourth to twelve month period. Only 7% plan to reduce their contract count in the short-term
  • The two biggest factors for taking agency workers are now, "Peaks in demand" and "Providing short term access to key strategic skills"


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