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Sharepoint - Here to Stay?

08/04/14 - 16:57

As resident SharePoint fan at Cathcart Associates, I was surprised when one of my colleagues passed me a link to this article the other day:




I read it with interest, and found the scaremongering and level of misunderstanding quite concerning. As most people know, Microsoft operates a time-limited support offering for most of their products, and support of SharePoint 2010 ends officially in 2018. We have already had the more than successful launch of SharePoint 2013, which will obviously stretch beyond this time-frame. Microsoft is hardly going to throw away a product worth billions to them – are they? Microsoft certainly want people to use the SharePoint platform as part of the 365 offering, and are changing the way that development is done on top of the platform by way of using more ‘open-source’ technologies. However, the notion that this could be interpreted as a step towards ending SharePoint for good seems farfetched.


SharePoint is one of the fastest-growing products Microsoft has ever released, and is used by a base of over 100 million users. It generates over $1 billion in revenue for Microsoft and only seems to be growing. What do you think – is this the end for SharePoint? I don’t think so…it is only the beginning.


Stuart Manderson