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Swedish Wind Power is being built at record speed | Predictions forecast double production within 4 years

Written by Sigrid Carstairs
05/08/19 - 12:20

As many of you know, Sweden is currently the country that's caught the attention of Europe, at least if you are in the renewable energy sector. And it's not really too surprising. Onshore wind power is continuously being built at record speed in the region, and according to the Swedish Windpower Association, production is expected to increase from approximately 20 TWh to almost 40 TWh within the next 4 years (svenskvindenergi.org).

During Q2 this year (2019), investment decisions equivalent to 84 MW of new onshore wind farms was approved, which is actually a decrease of 1141 MW compared to Q1. However, this decrease is expected to be temporary as the Swedish wind energy market is currently highly attractive for investments in renewables. As stated by the chairman of the Swedish Windpower Association, Charlotte Unger Larsson, the continued development of the onshore wind sector in Sweden is now completely market-driven as wind power has become so cost-efficient that it can be built without government subsidies.

Since the Swedish government signed the energy agreement, committing to 100% renewable energy production by 2040, investments into the market have exploded. There is now long-term stability, which is what was required to attract large investments, and so far investment decisions of 70 billion SEK have been taken.

At the current rate, Sweden will be achieving the 2030 milestone 9 years ahead of target, which is no small feat. With Sweden being one of the countries who acknowledge the urgency of the rapidly changing climate, Matthias Wondollek, who is responsible for questions relating to grid and markets at the Swedish Windpower Association, highlights the importance of sending out the right political message for the future. As new wind farms now can manage without the old electrical certificate system, this system will be closing down. However, this will be done in a structured and planned manner, in accordance with agreements, in order to maintain trust in the Swedish climate and energy politics (svenskvindenergi.org). As a country, Sweden has solid prerequisites for wind power, as it is often windy and the population is dense. There is also a well-established hydro system in place, that works well as a regulator, and good connections to export energy to the neighbouring countries.

So with that in mind, it is not odd that some of the largest onshore wind farms in Europe are being built in Sweden (Markbygden / Maximus and Nysäter Wind Farms). And there are so many more in the pipeline as we can see by the number of investments taken so far in 2019. Therefore, it is only reasonable to acknowledge that wind energy is a sector that is here to stay, and as a consequence, qualified employees and contractors are becoming more difficult to come by.

At Cathcart Associates Energy, we have planned ahead, and recently we expanded the Scandinavian team with another Swedish consultant, Kajsa Karlsson. Kajsa will be focusing on the service, maintenance and operations side of the renewables market, whilst I will be spending more of my time on the development, construction and implementation sector.

I for one very much look forward to what the rest of 2019 has in store for us, and hopefully, we are preparing for a busy autumn period after some well-deserved summer holidays.

We are currently both working on a number of roles in Sweden, Norway and Finland, so take a look under the latest job posts here on the website if you are interested.

Even if any of the above roles aren't really what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me on +46 40 668 80 66 or sigrid.carstairs@cathcartenergy.com for a confidential chat about your career. I am always keen to speak to candidates within the Scandinavian renewables sector, and I follow my candidates careers closely in order to understand when the right opportunity arrives.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Sigrid Carstairs

Recruitment Consultant

Cathcart Associated Energy Ltd.