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Tech startup vacancies up 80% and offer 26% higher salaries

23/01/15 - 16:27

Hot on the heels of our last blog showing that 55% of job seekers are looking at tech startups, some more good news for the tech startup sector has come from Adzuna's latest research.


Adzuna's latest "UK Job Market" report shows that vacancies at tech startups has increased 80%, with 8,554 job available in the UK at the end of last year. Not only are the jobs up, the salaries are high too, with the average advertised salary being over £40,000, 26% higher than the IT average. This led to a situation where there are now more vacant posts than there is jobs available on the market, for the first time in six years.


This is great news for the IT startup sector, but demonstrates the ongoing skills shortage is sector-wide.