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The 10 mistakes employers make when hiring

27/01/15 - 12:11


The lovely folks at Ere.net have put together a very handy guide for anyone involved in the hiring process within their firms. Well, maybe a "guide" is taking it too far, it's more of a "don't-do-this-whatever-you-do" scenario. So just in case you weren't sure, here's some recruiting mistakes you do NOT want to make:


1. Recruiting or hiring people using "coherent people profiles" put together by guys like Spokeo

2. Asking applicants for their social media passwords [do people actually do this?!]

3. Legally reviewing applicants "public" social media profiles too early in the process

4. Not making disability accommodations in the hiring process

5. Not using your HR department in the hiring process

6. Using pre-employment tests that are not legally compliant [probably a very common mistake]

7. Committing an equal opportunities violation in the interview. Such as asking specific questions to certain candidates only or suggesting you have a specific type of person in your company.

8. Failing to conduct legal background checks before the candidate starts

9. Only offering higher pay to candidates who negotiate harder

10. Not hiring the best person for the job. It might sound obvious but it is important to ensure you hire the person with the most experience and qualifications.


For more in depth analysis of each of these points see: http://www.ere.net/2014/11/19/top-10-hiring-and-recruiting-blunders-by-e...