The IT skills shortage is so bad it's even reached Silicon Valley!

14/11/14 - 12:32


The annual DLA Piper Technology Leaders Forecast Survey has recently been published and is showing that there is now even a skills shortage in the world's technology capital - Silicon Valley.


The report stated that 72% of technology executives felt that a talent shortage or talent fight were a moderate or significant risk. The second biggest threat to talent in Silicon Valley is from competing technology hubs in Asia, South America and Europe with 66% of respondents saying that emerging markets make it harder for Silicon Valley to the global leader in innovation.


The report has sighted the desire for individuals to start their own technologies companies (ironically, this being very good for the economy!) and the risk of losing staff to competitors as the biggest threat to losing their existing staff. 41% said that talent turnover is a risk.


With 81% predicting employment growth for their business, this issue isn't going to go away quickly.

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