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The Merkur offshore wind farm has produced its first power

08/06/18 - 10:19

Located in the North Sea, the Merkur offshore wind farm has produced it’s very first power, according to Merkur Offshore GmbH.


Following a successful first test, the turbine was gradually increased to the maximum power that could have been achieved at the time due to wind speed, which was 2MW.


In September 2018, the remaining turbines are scheduled to be installed with the 396MW offshore wind farm expected to be fully operational in 2019.


When finished, the offshore wind farm is estimated to supply half a million households with green energy.


- see more: https://www.the-eic.com/News/NewsStory/Merkur-offshore-wind-farm-produces-first-power.aspx?ArticleID=4527&tabid=766&dm_i=4E8P,A5GL,16Q0R7,140XV,1