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UK staff demand more investment in mobile workplace technology

19/11/14 - 13:10


A joint study by Source for Consulting and Advance Business Solutions of 160 UK organisations has reported that 62% of workers want to see employers making a bigger investment in mobile technology to access back end systems, which they claim will boost productivity.


The survey shows that the demand from employees to use smartphone and tablet devices in their working environment is not being met:

* Only 7% of finance staff can access customer or supplier information from their mobiles.

* Just 9% are able to access essential business performance data.

* Only 20% of HR staff can use smartphones to access key staff information.

* Only 23% can submit holiday requests via their mobiles, but 56% of respondents indicated they would like the ability to do this.

* Similarly, 50% indicated they would like to report absence from their mobiles, but only 21% can do this.