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Want a promotion? Find a new job says Ranstad

29/10/14 - 13:14

Flat structures. They're all the rage aren't they? It appears from every job advert that people are really drawn towards this management structure. IT is no different, in fact, it seems to be a sector that really embraces a flat management structure.


But here's the disadvantage...


How do you get promoted?!


A recent survey by Ranstad Technologies of 2,000 UK staff shows that the average IT company has just 3.5 layers of management, compared to 4.4 for other firms. They found that for individuals to get promoted they are then forced to move companies as otherwise they keep hitting the "promotion glass ceiling".


This situation has been compounded by the recent recession where many companies cutting staff focused on the middle management roles first, leaving even less positions for IT workers to be promoted into.


They found proof of their studies in the statistic that IT jobs are filled with external candidates in 85% of occasions compared to just 42% for other sectors.


So whether you are looking to hire new talent or want a promotion, it appears that you need to look to the outside.


More more, please visit: https://www.randstad.co.uk/job-seeker/areas-of-expertise/it/survey-quizzes/