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Wind Renewable energy electricity supply jumps to 22%

27/03/15 - 10:06


Recent Government statistics have shown that renewable electricity provided a record percentage of 22% of supply in the last quarter of 2014.


Onshore and offshore wind delivered the biggest share of renewable electricity, at just fewer than 12% of the total electricity generated.

The statistics also established that renewable energy provided 19.2% of power in 2014, a record percentage.

50% of this total was made up of onshore and offshore wind, with both seeing increases in the amount of power generated in comparison to 2013.

Onshore wind generation increased by 7.9% in 2014 and the amount from offshore wind was up by 16.1%.


RenewableUK Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith commented on the statistics:


“It’s wonderful to see renewable electricity reach another record of 22% of electricity generated and to see wind providing the lion’s share of that. Communities up and down the country benefit from wind power via the 34500 people employed in the sector, and local benefits and contracts, and these statistics show it’s doing its primary job of providing clean homegrown power and weaning us off fossil fuel imports.

Onshore and offshore wind is a UK success story, and as the General Election approaches, politicians should recognise its value, and support it fully”.


For more information on the Government statistics please click on the below link: